What’s the Difference Between Amniotic and Embryonic Stem Cells?

There is a difference between amniotic and embryonic stem cells, but first it would help to explain stem cells themselves. Stem cells are cells that have not yet formed enough to perform a specific function. As cells mature, they begin to perform specific tissue functions. They may carry

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Top 10 Treatments Using Amniotic Stem Cells

The top 10 treatments using amniotic stem cells are able to treat some very common medical conditions that people have. It is considered a medical breakthrough because it allows the body to effectively repair itself. It was initially used for only one application, but as medical research

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Knee Pain and Why It Might Be That You Suffer from It

Knee pain can range from a minor annoyance to a major problem that prevents you from taking care of your daily life.  People who don’t experience knee pain, or who may get a little twinge now and again, don’t realize just how painful and fatiguing that pain

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Back Pain and Some of the Reasons You May Suffer from It

Back pain is no fun. The pain just never quits and if you move the wrong way, boy do you pay for it. Prolonged standing and prolonged sitting make it worse and that can impact your job, your studies, and even sports. Imagine standing for long periods

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Acupuncture and Treatment for Your Back Pain

You’ve probably heard of acupuncture and probably associate it with the Chinese. You would be correct to associate it with the Chinese because acupuncture is a staple of traditional Chinese Medicine. But do you know what acupuncture is and what it is used for? Acupuncture has been

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Acupuncture and Getting Rid of Your Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are the bane of menopausal women everywhere and if even acupuncture could work women would be eternally grateful. Hot flashes are annoying and uncomfortable and they make daily living difficult. You never know when hot flashes will strike and they cause you to take extreme

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Common Myths About Back Pain part 2

Most people who have ever suffered from back pain have put off going to see someone about it because they fear that their doctor will tell them surgery is their only option. This, thankfully, is not the case, more often than not. If you have been dealing

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Common Myths About Back Pain part 1

If you suffer from back pain, you have likely heard one, or many, of these myths about the causes for your pain. Many people think that you must have “done something” to cause pain that would disrupt your life in some way, but the truth is, back

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How Acupuncture can Help You

Acupuncture has been around for more than 2,000 years and many doctors today are now recognizing its benefits. This method of treatment is more of a holistic way to treat injuries and illnesses without the use of Western medicine. Its main focus is on prevention rather than

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That Facts About Arthritis

When it comes to learning the facts about arthritis, it can sometimes be difficult to discern the difference between the truth and a myth. Some people believe that this disease only affects certain age groups or that the only side effect of it is joint pain. Both

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