Stem Cell Therapy for Back Pain May Be the Next Method of Relief

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October 20, 2017
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One of the newest types of relief that health care providers are able to provide is stem cell therapy for back pain. It allows people who have struggled with chronic back pain a way to find relief. It does not matter if you have been in pain for a few weeks or a few years, stem cell therapy is showing positive results. If you need help with chronic back pain, it is important you sort through all of your options. You may just find one that gives you back the life your pain stole from you.

What Exactly Is Stem Cell Therapy for Back Pain?

Stem cell therapy for back pain is the process of taking stem cells and putting them into your back. The cells are then able to help rebuild the problematic parts of your back. If your discs were compressed or slipped out of place, the stem cells could help them rebuild. There are many different reasons for back pain. Most of these reasons involve some type of injury or wearing out of an essential component of your back. By having stem cells inserted into this area, those components can regenerate. The more your back regenerates, the less pain you will endure. After a bit of time, you could get to where you no longer have any type of back pain at all. If your pain affected your life, any improvement can help and should bring you hope.

Who Can Benefit from Stem Cell Therapy for Back Pain?

Anyone currently struggling with specific types of back pain could benefit from stem cell therapy for back pain. Your pain has to originate from either an injury or the area must have worn out from use. If your pain stems from an infection, stem cells will not do much to help. Should your pain come from a problem with a component within your back, regenerative medicine can help.

There still needs to be more testing done. However, early results are promising. People who have undergone stem cell therapy for back pain are feeling better. They notice results early after the procedure. Plus, they still have reduced amounts of pain a year or more following the procedure.

Adults who struggle with chronic back pain should consider this as a viable option. It is showing a lot of positive results, and giving people relief from pain that would otherwise change their life.

What Types of Stem Cells Can Help Chronic Back Pain?

There are two types of stem cells commonly used for stem cell therapy for back pain. The two types of cells include amniotic stem cells, and placental stem cells. Amniotic stem cells are thoroughly tested cells removed from the amniotic sac following the birth of a healthy baby. Once the cells pass the testing phase, they can be used for these types of procedures.

Placental stem cells are cells that are removed from the placenta itself. After a woman delivers a healthy baby, the placenta normally goes into the Biohazard bag and goes into the garbage. Instead of throwing the placenta out, some of the tissue goes on for testing. If the tissue passes the safety standards and is totally healthy, it becomes part of someone’s stem cell therapy.

The reason these two types of stem cells are most commonly used for stem cell therapy is because they are easy to use and obtain. So long as the baby is healthy, and the pregnancy was uneventful, the cells can go on to the testing phase. There are stringent regulations set forth by the FDA that dictate what types of tissue can work for stem cell therapy. If you choose to get stem cell therapy, you can rest assured that the cells being used are safe.

Turn to a Professional for Help Getting Stem Cell Therapy for Back Pain

The potential relief you could get from stem cell therapy should excite you. You could get your life back, and go back to enjoying things that you once loved. Today, there are more options than there have ever been in the past. Allow yourself to dream about what it would be like to function without constant pain again. Get back to enjoying each day by simply reaching out to see what different types of therapies could alleviate your pain. By opting to go to a professional for relief, you know that any therapy that is tried, has the best chances of successful results.

If you want help getting your life back from pain, then give the professionals at Epic Healthcare & Physical Medicine a call. We can be reached by calling (972)355-0083. Let us help you manage your chronic pain, and see if stem cell therapy for back pain could help you!